Inverter Split Air Conditioner

features of inverter split air conditioner
Unique connect features for ac

Designed for High Ambient Conditions - 52°C

Rising Temperatures rising cities in India, coupled with the urban effect, make it challenging for air conditioners to deliver superior cooling. Most air conditioners are designed to deliver cooling at 35°C.  Blue Star air conditioners are designed to perform at extreme ambient conditions as high as 52°C. 

Lower Deration Effect

Higher ambient results in the air conditioners’ cooling system duration, leading to higher power consumption. Blue Star air conditioners have specially designed outdoor units (ODUS) with heat exchange systems to ensure uniform airflow without any obstruction, leading to efficient heat exchange, and higher efficiency. Blue Star air conditioners ensure 100% cooling capacity, even at a higher temperature of 43°C. And, continues to cool even at 52°C with minimal duration. 

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