Super Market Refrigeration

Supermarkets have to make sure that the perishable items they store are in the best condition for human consumption by maintaining the cooling and freezing temperatures. It’s tough as even in the non-operating hours, the refrigerators have to function non-stop. Overall, supermarket refrigeration requires a great deal of expertise and quality control handling. And that’s exactly where we come in.

It’s convenient, and has options like multi-decks, semi vertical multi-decks, serve over and self-service counter and island with multiplexing options can be easily integrated into any retail planogram. The clear and open design of the refrigerators allow customers to choose their products and help simplify the supermarket business. Most importantly they ensure lasting freshness along with low energy bills thereby making Blue Star’s Supermarket Refrigeration Range – the ideal choice for supermarkets.

Super market refrigeration
Multi-Deck Cillers and freezers

Blue Star’s engineers and designers have kept the consumer’s needs in mind to provide a whole range Multi-Deck Chillers and Freezers that have a stunning design and perform exceptionally well.

This refrigeration product also reduces energy costs as they are equipped with energy efficient technology. 

multi desck chiller

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